Not going to FOSDEM 2017

After 9 years of assiduous attendance, I am not going to FOSDEM this year.
Don’t worry, I still love Free Software and beer, but the reason for the absence is pretty understandable: new baby coming! So I will let you know soon how life with two kids is (if I have the energy for that 🙂 ).

Enjoy FOSDEM 2017 everyone!

Going to FOSDEM 2015

Tomorrow I am flying to Brussels to attend FOSDEM for the 8th time!
It is amazing to see how much the event grew in these 8 years and I am looking forward to having another great weekend of interesting presentations, meeting old friends and sipping tasty beer.

I need to thank CERN for making this trip possible and if you want to find out about my current project there (soon to be announced), do let me know.

See you in Brussels!


See you at FOSDEM 2014

This year I was almost skipping FOSDEM. It is a delicate time for me to be out as I will be a dad soon but the doctors say it is supposedly okay if it’s for a couple of days so I am going to FOSDEM for my 7th year in a row!

Due to that uncertainty, I haven’t proposed any presentation but if you want to talk about the projects I’m involved in or about work and life at CERN, let’s do it over a couple of excelent Belgian beers (or waffles if you prefer).

See you in Brussels!


Attending FOSDEM 2013

For the 6th consecutive year, I am attending FOSDEM!

That’s right, this time I am boarding from Lisbon and I will arrive in Brussels in time for the traditional and epic beer event.
I am not giving any talks this year so I will have plenty of time to enjoy the event and all the nice things the city has to offer.

Of course, I love a good chat about Free Software over a beer so if you want to know more about some of my projects, let me know.

See in Brussels!

(Hopefully) Going to FOSDEM 2012

Most of you might have heard about the sudden “death” of the airline Spanair. I had never known of an airline stopping its planes on the same day it announces it’s rupture.
Several colleagues of mine in Igalia were affected by the events and guess with whom some of us (mostly Igalians based at Coruña) were flying to Brussels? That’s right…
Fortunately yesterday we bought new flights and decided to try to get the reimbursement for the cancelled ones later.

This means that thanks to Igalia:

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

I had two presentations in each of the last two editions of FOSDEM but I didn’t really have something new to show in this year’s so I’m attending only as a participant which doesn’t make it less exciting for me.

I have already some arrangements planned, as in having a beer with some folks, and you’re invited too if you wanna talk about Igalia or the projects I’m involved in.

See you in Brussels.