OCRFeeder 0.7.6 and DesktopSummit 2011

Just in time for the Desktop Summit 2011, I’ve released the 0.7.6 version of OCRFeeder.

The new interesting stuff in this version is that OCRFeeder can now export to PDF. When exporting the pages to PDF, users will have two choices: “a PDF from scratch” or “a searchable PDF”. The PDF from scratch means that the text part of what will be exported will be written in the PDF using ReportLab whereas the searchable PDF means that the PDF will present the whole original picture but with invisible text overlaid in order to make it searchable.
The PDF exportation still needs some polishing but I wanted to get it out there as soon as possible for the people who need it.
Check out these examples:

(page loaded in OCRFeeder and recognized automatically)

OCRFeeder's exported PDF from scratch
(exported PDF from scratch)

OCRFeeder's exported searchable PDF
(exported searchable PDF with selected text)

This version also fixes issues when recognizing grayscale pictures as well as the mouse cursor that was being changed when it was over a page’s right margin.

I’ve also added separators to divide the Document’s submenus so they are grouped correctly and I’ve made ODT the first choice in the list of exportation formats, which had been mistakenly changed.

As usual, the incredible team of translators is doing a great job and apart from the updated translations, OCRFeeder now comes in Catalan (with the Valencian option as well) and in Greek.


No, once again, OCRFeeder’s talk wasn’t approved by the Desktop Summit’s organization. If you think that I’ve presented it some well known conferences (LinuxTag, GUADEC ES and twice in FOSDEM), it makes me a bit sad that I couldn’t yet present this unique project in the conference of the desktop it targets, but let’s hope it makes it next year.

Still, Igalia is sponsoring me again to attend the DesktopSummit, so, if you’re interested in OCRFeeder or other projects I’m involved, let me know!

See you in Berlin!

OCRFeeder 0.6.6

OCRFeeder version 0.6.6 has been released.

This version has no big improvements and exists mainly to introduce the fix of a bug that prevented using the algorithm for recognizing documents automatically.

The copyright was updated to include the proper copyright and license notices of ODFPy, which ships with OCRFeeder.
It also features some improvements to Debian related files (thanks to Alberto Garcia, who is creating the official deb package for Debian) and a few translation updates.

See the whole list of changes here.

Your usual links:
OCRFeeder’s git
OCRFeeder’s bugzilla
OCRFeeder’s Tarball from GNOME’s FTP
OCRFeeder 0.6.6 Debian package

OCRFeeder version 0.6.5

I have just released OCRFeeder version 0.6.5!

Here are the main changes in this version:

* Importing PDF files is now faster
* The OCR engines manager dialog now allows to detect and choose to use system-wide OCR engines (this action is also used when the application is started with no engines configured)
* Multiple content areas in OCRFeeder’s canvas can now be selected using Shift+Click
* Introduces Ctrl+a shortcut to select all content areas in OCRFeeder’s canvas
* The Tools menu now has the new action “Recognize Selected Areas” which will perform the automatic recognition on selected content areas of OCRFeeder’s canvas

Also, a few bugs were fixed:

* Removed PDF files’ extension from the images generated from them
* Sorts images when adding them from a folder
* Selection areas are now getting selected after creating them
* Fixed problem when quitting the application

(You can also read the full list of changes)

Recognize All Areas action

Recognize All Areas action

You can download the new tarball from GNOME’s FTP or a Debian package from here.

I’d also would like to thank the GNOME i18n Team for their work translating OCRFeeder.

OCRFeeder version 0.6.1 released

As has become usual every couple of weeks or so, I released a new version of OCRFeeder!

This is version 0.6.1 and the main changes this time are:

* Now you can increase or decrease the zoom using Ctrl+Mouse wheel. This kind of shortcut is well known in many GNOME applications and even I was missing it;
* Warning dialogs are now shown when something went wrong while opening an image;
* Fixed encoding problem when reading non-ASCII characters;
* Fixed error when configuring a new engine;
* Improved Debian package’s files (thanks to Alberto Garcia)
* Fixed zoom issues (sometimes the allowed zoom would not be consistent among tries);

It was a good week on OCRFeeder’s bug tracker, specially thanks to user Hank who reported important problems.

I am really glad about how OCRFeeder is turning out and I expect to make it even better with the help of its users, either by sending suggestions, reporting bugs or simply by using it you will be helping the project.

You can download OCRFeeder 0.6.1 tarball from GNOME FTP or optionally download a Debian package directly.

OCRFeeder 0.6 released and the move to GNOME

I’ve just released OCRFeeder 0.6.

This new version introduces the following changes:

* Hide import pdf and unpaper menus if the respective commands are not available
* Several code improvements
* Removed Studio from the application name
* Removed unneeded engines folder
* Lowered the package name font case
* Updated copyright notice on the about dialog
* Swedish translation (thanks to Daniel Nylander)

Another very important change is that I moved the development of OCRFeeder to the GNOME infrastructure.
This means I’m using GNOME’s git server and will soon use GNOME Bugzilla to track bugs.
I always thought of OCRFeeder as a unique Free Software application (in the way that there isn’t anyone similar to it) and that it would be great to get it more involved with our favorite desktop environment.

I’d like to thank Claudio for supporting me on this move.

You can get the latest source from GNOME FTP.