We’re on Python!

Python Logo

So, what’s this ten day absence due to? I’ve been working hard on the last two University projects!!

One of them was a compiler back-end and the other one I prefer not to disclose right now as it will be more than a University project (you’ll see 🙂 ).
The damn compiler back-end was finished last night and delivered right away! If you’re wondering what the hell is a compiler back-end: A compiler back-end is a piece of software that given some intermediate code, will generate assembly code. The intermediate code is some simplistic programming language that was (eventually) generated by the compiler front-end.The purpose of this is that you have one compiler back-end that receives this basic language but you may have several front-ends that may receive a different language each one.

To do such, is a pain in the ass but what’s need to be done needs to be done so…

Now, here’s what I really wanted to say: We’re happy (me and my friend/colleague ValĂ©rio ValĂ©rio) to be on Python!
You should consider learning Python as it is one of the best investments you may do.
Python is such fast and fun to program with that it will really save your ass when it comes to come up with much work in little time!
I our University (University of Évora) from the 3rd year, we are sometimes given the choice to select any language we want and as many friends of us choose JAVA, we always choose Python!

I’ve got nothing against JAVA, in fact, it was the first language I really learned well but the thing is: JAVA’s boring!!!!
JAVA is a super verbose language! You have to write 10 lines of code to do something you’d do in Python in a couple of lines.
I am a real fan of coffee with a little addiction for it I confess, and I don’t find an explanation for JAVA to use a cup of coffee as it’s logo but the fact that you’ll need to drink much of them to get a simple program finished by night…

In what comes to Python, if their logo was a drink, I’d purpose a beer as it’s refreshing, fun and compensating to use it 🙂
JAVA’s logo should be a gray suit as it’s like a bureaucratic language! That’s maybe why so many companies like it…

Now, for real, try to get yourself into Python. It’s a little exotic compared to the C syntax but exotic is good. Would you like to live in an island with beautiful beaches and women or in Detroit for example?