10 Things a Linux guy should do in his lifetime

Here’s 10 things I think any truly Linux user should do in a lifetime:

1. Tell Steve Jobs his not that cool;

2. Ask Bill Gates if he has tried the latest version of Ubuntu;

3. Ask Richard Stallman what had he smoked before inventing the GNU Emacs commands;

4. Tell Richard Stallman there’s a family of raccoons living in his beard;

5. Ask Steve Ballmer where are all the intellectual rights violation and punch him in the nose;

6. Ask Linus Torvalds how do you say: “Socks and sandals are an offense to humankind since the invention of clothes.” in Finnish;

7. Ask Larry Page how much does he want for Google;

8. Get your girlfriend to use Linux;

9. Drink a beer with Jon ‘maddog’ Hall while he tells one of his stories;

10. Use Windows for no less than 15 minutes without saying any curse word.

Then you’d accomplish the Linux Nirvana.

I’ve already accomplished two of these and I’m looking forward to complete the list.