Rock helps Windows Vista

Here’s a funny commercial on how Windows Vista beats a human beatbox.

OK, I am not really a fan of hip-hop culture so I was happy that Vista won because of three things:
1. Vista only won when Rock (yes, it’s not metal) was put into practice and not hip-hop;
2. Vista seems to attract good looking girls;
3. Vista actually won at something;

But even after this Vista victory, facts are that:
1. The gossip says the guy was paid to lose…;
2. The gossip says the girl was paid to look attracted to Vista;
3. The girl is rich (she’s got enough money to a afford a Vista capable machine…);
4. There was actually someone that allowed that ugly sticker to be put on a laptop;
5. Vista seems to need to be playing Super-Mario songs for over a minute to be able to play 5 seconds of real music;
6. Vista needs to be connected to mp3 players to be able to play music;
7. This is a fictional contest (there are paper UFOs flying all over the damn place).