Linux Training

Yesterday I started the first sessions of Linux Training in Lisbon.

I’ll be teaching this course together with my friend Paulo Cabido for the R&D Center of University of Évora. We’ll be teaching this course to high-school teachers and this constitutes one of the first Linux Academies organized by the Portuguese Ministery of Education.

Hopefully this will represent a more widespread usage of Linux in the Portuguese high-schools as the intentions are to make a viral spread of knowledge — the teachers that are attending these training sessions will themselves give teach other professors and recursivity keeps on… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Linux Training”

  1. Muy bien señor Jay.
    Parabens rapaz e quando vieres a Lisboa diz qualquer coisa, tenho saudades tuas.

    Toujours bombê ’till the mothefuckin’ bone.

    Truly yours


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