In Portugal

I’ll spend this week in Portugal to take care of some non interesting things (taxes and stuff…) but also to enjoy some holidays!

Today I had a great lunch ( and yesterday a great dinner) at my hometown of BrotasÉvora, Portugal. My family never had the traditional 100 members Sunday family lunches but this time I had the pleasure of having my parents, my girlfriend, my brother and his girlfriend, my grandma, some of my uncles and cousins and even some neighbors that came after it for a coffee. It was great!

About the food, we had “Migas de Espargos”, a very traditional, fat and tasteful, dish, together with some of the Portuguese finest red wines from my region. My father opened a bottle (a limited edition from the year 2000) I had offered him about 2-3 years ago (that he stated it’d be to celebrate my MsSc degree) and it was smooth like silk.
To end it, nothing better than a strong coffee, deadly-caloric desserts, Port wine and whiskey (I discovered I like Bushmills whiskey btw…).

Yes, this is the best of my country.