A while ago announced that the poor humans living outside cool countries like the USA, the UK and Germany would need to pay a 3 EUR monthly subscription.
They are so kind and understanding that even provide us, poor bastards living in the wrong countries, with 30 free songs!

I *was* a big fan of since I joined it in 2007. Now, I’d like to say goodbye to it for as long as they don’t go back on this decision (actually, since their announcement I never turned on my clients).

I decided to do this not because I’m a cheap bastard or would starve if I spent the damned 3 EUR on the service but rather because I feel they’re decision goes against the community that helped/did build their service and also because I know that 3 EUR for me might be nothing but for a guy in another country might be a significant amount of money.

Good bye, good times we spent together.

BTW, go explore Jamendo and let me know what you think. Also, check if Spotify works for you.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye”

  1. Heh … Spotify has always been in the same situation where is now: you have to pay almost everywhere (10 EUR/month) but in a few countries 😉

  2. Sure, that’s why I said “check if Spotify works for you”.

    However, Spotify didn’t took advantage of the communities contribution to then kick them in the ass. Because not only people from the 3-golden-ticket countries contributed…

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