Django Master Degree Class

I was invited to give a class in the Master en Software Libre covering an introduction to Django.

So, tomorrow I’m heading south to Vigo and present our favorite web framework (“THE” web framework, for many of us) .

I’ll start by giving an overview of Django, what it’s all about and why people should use it. Then I’ll do a tiny project with the audience so they get a real feel of it.

Although this degree covers several stuff, it is indeed a good thing that they chose to have an introduction to Django as well.
It can only mean Django is getting more and more important like it deserves to be.

Hope the audience enjoys, I’ll try not to be boring!

(I’ll upload the slide afterwards)

4 thoughts on “Django Master Degree Class”

  1. Nice to see somebody else spreading the word here in Galicia, too bad I could not attend 🙁

    Good luck and do not forget to upload the slide/video later on!

  2. hola joaquin,me llamo edward castillo soy de mexico, estaba intentando usar rancho, pero lamentablemente ya no puedo accesar al sitio, que pasar con rancho, el proyecto morira? ojala puedas comentar algo al respecto.
    un saludo y gracias por todo

  3. Hi guys,

    I believe that my class wasn’t recorded but I’ll upload the presentation slides soon.

    About Rancho, we’re having a bit of troubles with our server unfortunately.
    But the project is NOT dead. In fact we’re likely to release a newer and much better version pretty soon.

    Thank you for your comments,

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