Rancho 9.06 is out!

I’m very happy to announce you that the new version of Rancho is out!

This version has many new things starting by its name/number. We decided to start using n Ubuntu-like versioning and so, instead of just incrementing numbers, we’ll use the year.month notation. So here you have the 9.06!

But what’s new in this new version!?

One of the main new features is the exportation and importation of you accounts using the Rancho Exportation File.
This file will contain all the information that you have on your Rancho system so you can use it for example on other systems or as a back up, etc.

Another really useful new feature is that now Rancho can import Basecamp exportation files! This means that you can export your account from Basecamp, import it on your Rancho installation and keep using what you had.

The design changed just a bit regarding the layout which is now fluid, adapting itself to your browser’s width.

For the admins, we introduced a logging system that let you easily see what’s being done in the whole system.
The search was also improved in terms of power and presentation. Search results are now divided in categories (Messages, Milestones, Wikiboars, etc.) to be easily filtered according to what users need.

To end, people in every project can now chat with each other with the new integrated real-time chat and a lot of bugs were fixed.

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Rancho Chat                                 Rancho Basecamp Import

What are you waiting for? Get now Rancho 9.06 from www.getrancho.com!

10 thoughts on “Rancho 9.06 is out!”

  1. Hi Joaquim,

    Rancho looks like a very interesting project. Congrats


  2. Joaquim, parabéns. Dei uma olhada rápida no demo online e parece ser bastante interessante. Depois vou dar uma olhada com mais calma e ver se consigi ajudar no projeto. Um abraço.

  3. Hi, I like the look and feel of the app.
    but it is a shame that the “todos” can not have a completed flag? Would this not be a good core feature to track bugs, change requests and so on?
    as in the moment once you “complete” a todo i.e. delete it, its gone, no record is shown ..

    Milestone seems a bit cumbersome for this task.

  4. Hi Oliver,

    The ToDo items can be completed! 🙂
    You just have to click of the “check icon”, it will turn to green and the ToDo text will be strike out.

    I believe that’s what you were referring to. To make sure try it out on the demo.


  5. Ahh ok let me try! I thought I clicked on every thing!! if so I will see to replace my half backed “track” system .. urs does look a lot better 😉

  6. yes it works! .. not to clear that you can click them .. maybe I would place them to the right hand side? to be consistent with the other options?

  7. Okay, in case you start to use it, let us know what you think Rancho has improved in your company’s management and what could be better.

    Best regards,

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