Translate Rancho

Rancho is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish (okay, I know some strings are not *yet* updated but they’ll be).

As we think it’ll benefit more people who don’t speak these languages, we’re asking for translators who want to contribute to this Open Source project.

We have a nice Rosetta app installed where the translators will be able to log in and easily translate the strings.
You’ll also be credited on Rancho’s next version.

If you’d like to translate Rancho to your language send me an email presenting yourself (who are you, projects you’ve worked on, etc.) and we’ll arrange a login for you. (You can also translate the .po file directly but that’s a less collaborative way than doing it on Rosetta)

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  1. Hi, you can also take a look at for managing translations. Its a new, free and open source service built with Django.

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