My girlfriend, beyond being a kindergarten teacher, is also a great artist (check her art page here — in Spanish).
She also uses Ubuntu (in fact Xubuntu) and has been brain-washed about Free Software and whatnot since a long time by me, so, I asked her if she could do some art with the GNOME logo.

Here’s the result:

GNOME painting

The GNOME logo is actually made out of denim and the background was made with acrylics.

I decided to get the painting to Igalia‘s Corunna office since we’re all GNOME lovers in Igalia and our new office is a work of art itself.

4 thoughts on “GNOME Art”

  1. I saw the painting and it’s indeed veery nice.

    You both are great… the hacker and the artist!

    see you around 🙂

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