The first Maemo powered phone

The wait is over, today, N900 was announced. It is the first Maemo powered cellphone and represents a long way since the first version of Maemo came out.

Now I don’t wanna be bugging you around with another post explaining how much I like what was announced but I’d leave a lacuna in my blog if I didn’t write anything at all.

So, I’d just like to say I’m proud and happy to be part of such a great team that, along with others, contributed to bring in this great piece of technology that represents another step in the history of GNU/Linux in mobile phones.

Viva o Maemo!

2 thoughts on “The first Maemo powered phone”

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  2. I am a brand new Nokia n900 user from india, i need some aid from ur all, how can i use skype in my mobile phone exactly where it really is not showing the pre installed application. however i m not in a position to use aMSN in my cellphone whn actually i m installing it, it saying unable to set up as some installer files are missing please inform how can i use yahoo voice and video calls and msn voice and movie calls and most crucial skype.

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