SeriesFinale 0.3.6 AKA Color Edition (TM)

As promised, I’ve added the original air dates of the episodes to SeriesFinale.

This feature had been requested since people first knew of SeriesFinale and it is quite useful. It will tell you, by the color and actual date information, when a show’s episode was first aired in its network. Of course if you happen to watch a show on another network (usually this happens if you’re not from the same country as the TV show itself), then you won’t need this date to warn you to go sit and watch it but at least you see which episodes were already aired on their original country.

This release has not many changes apart from the date thing plus a couple of bug fixed and the Spanish translation (thanks to Juan A. Suárez Romero).

(By the way, as I write this, TheTVDB seems to be down so you are likely to have some trouble updating your shows and getting the air dates on it but I hope it will be up again soon)

Here are a few screenshots:

SF: Seasons with colors and dates

SF: Episodes list with air date info

SF: Episode info with air date

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  1. I can translate it into russian and hebrew if you want. and btw when you browse series list(main window) can you improve “* episodes are not watced” because it adds also episodes that are not out yet. it should be only new episodes that are out already but haven’t been watched. you can make “2/5 new were aired” that means 5 episodes i haven’t seen and only 2 of them are aired already

  2. Hi,

    It’d be nice to have it in Russian and Hebrew, here is the .pot file you can use to start those translations:

    I actually like it having the episodes that are not available yet because I can have some perspective how the show will evolve. Plus, now with the dates, it will only highlight the episodes that are out already, the future ones will remain in gray.

    I will think about changing the text that presents the number of watched episodes.


  3. Thank you,

    I was amongst those who’ve asked for the air date and color to help in identifying the episode which will air soon.

    One tweak I would love to see is the air date to be on the main screen with the show listings. Right now I would have to go through the show listing to the seasons listings to see the air date … for big watching list and shows spanning 7+ seasons it involves scrolling and clicking, quite tedious for the objective of just a single air date. This way a cursory glance would be quicker to glean over the air date. Also will it be possible to have Calendar integration, is this possible with Maemo?

    Yeah I’m a TV junkie 🙁 .

  4. I didn’t mean not to show how episdes left at all but to separete thosew that are aired from those that are not, e.i “2 of 5 new aired”” it means there are 5 more for the end of the show. or at least it would be nice to have grey-black-green colours for the series list and not only seasons. i just have about 10 series in list and going inside eachone of them is little bit uncomfortable.

    i’ll start to translate today

  5. Hi,

    I will add the next episode and date info to the main view (shows’ view) when I add the “Update All” feature.

    About the Calendar, it is still not possible to do so but you’re not the first person to ask about it.


  6. Hi ZogG,

    Thanks for starting the translations.

    Look for my previous reply to another user for the answer to adding the episodes’ info to the shows’ view.


  7. Hi,

    I too would like it to only show me the number of unwatched episodes that have already aired.

    Also I noticed an interesting issue. When a season starts an episode is created for almost every episode but for those with no details yet the name is something like “TBA” and the details are left blank.

    I’ve found that when the episode details are then properly added a second copy of that episode is added to my list with the new details, leaving the “placeholder” episode there.

    I’ve had to remove shows and re-add them in order to remove duplicate entries.



  8. Hi,

    TBA stands for To Be Announced and like you said, is a placeholder episode. The problem with leaving it behind once the real episode is shown, is that I match episodes by the number and name. Since the name will fail, it is assuming TBA is a different episode.

    I might tweak this in the next release.

  9. Yes ZogG but I have been traveling until this week and I might have not replied some emails.
    Sorry about that.

    I’ll add the Russian translation in the next release.


  10. Hi,

    Thanks for the wonderful app. I have a couple of suggestions:

    I only start using it more recently so I don’t know how the previous version behaves, but I notice that in the current version I often get duplicated entries when I update the show. Is it possible for the app to automatically merge duplicated entries?

    Another suggestion is to have a “delete all episodes ” option..

  11. Hi,

    I’ll try to solve the duplicate entries for the next release.

    The delete all episodes, well, the Fremantle way of doing the UI says things should be duplicated that much, but I guess I can add select all/none buttons to the delete episodes view. This way it will cost you no more than two touches for deleting eps.

    Thanks for your interest,

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