OCRFeeder version 0.6.5

I have just released OCRFeeder version 0.6.5!

Here are the main changes in this version:

* Importing PDF files is now faster
* The OCR engines manager dialog now allows to detect and choose to use system-wide OCR engines (this action is also used when the application is started with no engines configured)
* Multiple content areas in OCRFeeder’s canvas can now be selected using Shift+Click
* Introduces Ctrl+a shortcut to select all content areas in OCRFeeder’s canvas
* The Tools menu now has the new action “Recognize Selected Areas” which will perform the automatic recognition on selected content areas of OCRFeeder’s canvas

Also, a few bugs were fixed:

* Removed PDF files’ extension from the images generated from them
* Sorts images when adding them from a folder
* Selection areas are now getting selected after creating them
* Fixed problem when quitting the application

(You can also read the full list of changes)

Recognize All Areas action
Recognize All Areas action

You can download the new tarball from GNOME’s FTP or a Debian package from here.

I’d also would like to thank the GNOME i18n Team for their work translating OCRFeeder.