Late hello to Planet GNOME

Since last last week my blog is syndicated in Planet GNOME and I realized I should probably write the typical Hello Planet GNOME post so people know who I am (even though some posts are already indexed before this one).

Why am I on Planet GNOME?

I started using GNOME around 2005 and have been an advocate of it ever since. This advocacy was more of a local action, related to the organization of some events connected to Free Software.

As my Master’s Thesis project, I developed an easy to use OCR and Document Recognition application in PyGTK, called OCRFeeder, to be used specially with GNOME. This project is the only application of this kind for GNOME (and should I say for Linux as well?) and is now hosted in GNOME’s infrastructure.
As other somewhat-related-to-GNOME projects I’ve been the responsible of Hildon Input Methods for a while and I maintain the SeriesFinale Maemo application which will be in GNOME one of these days.

So, I started pestering some GNOME folks about “entering the Planet” last year. I think a series of unfortunate events might have prevented my emails from being read by those folks but I filed the bug for adding my blog to the planet last Thursday and it was accepted in the same day… 🙂

Other stuff about me

I work for the wonderful company/community-of-hackers that goes by the name of Igalia, which is involved intimately in GNOME.

Apart from programming and similar geekeries I like listening to metal, playing my guitar, watching TV series and having a nice chat while drinking a cold beer.

I live in the city of Corunna, Spain, but unlike some people may think, I am not Spanish, I am Portuguese.

Oh, and I’m not related to Lucas Rocha, he’s a nice guy but we only share the family name and the language.

I hope you like my blog posts!

4 thoughts on “Late hello to Planet GNOME”

  1. Hey! welcome to the planet! 🙂

    I was actually looking for an OCR software for my father a few days ago. He uses ubuntu too and I was rather disappointed after looking around in the repositories.

    Will try the software you made as it looks pretty interesting… the main thing my father needs is for the software to recognize tables.

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