SeriesFinale 0.6.5 released

The last SeriesFinale version was released before I went to GUADEC and then on vacation which means that it’s been a while since you have had news from this nice little app but today I’m releasing its 0.6.5 version.

This version has some nice new features apart from regular bug fixing and code improvement.
Juan has added the portrait mode (borrowed from the great gPodder) which surely pleases many users.

To control the rotation and other forthcoming preferences, I’ve rewritten the settings class and created a settings dialog:

Sometimes I get sick of getting the “Special” season on every shows, basically because I never watch those; so, I added a check button to the settings dialog where one can tell if the special seasons are to be considered or ignored, when adding new shows or updating existing ones.

But, if you’re like me and have a bunch of shows already added, it’d be a pain to delete episode-by-episode from the Special seasons in every show in order to delete these seasons… To solve this and to fill a missing/neglected action, I’ve added the “Delete Seasons” view which makes it easy to delete seasons.

Some problems with the threads have been solved as well, so, maybe weird issues like missing shows’ full title and stuff will likely be solved after this version.

Finally, a feature that has been requested a few times has been added: list shows by recent episode date. This means that now there are two filters in the shows’ view that list the shows by most recent episodes or by name. This is really useful because selecting the recent episodes’ sorting you can now update your shows’ list and the ones that got already aired, unwatched episodes will be listed on top of the list.

Here’s the changelog for this version:

* Add sorting shows by most recent episode or name
* Add auto-rotation support
* Add settings dialog
* Fix problems with threads
* Fix episodes highlight when checking/unchecking all episodes
* Rewrite settings
* Add special seasons addition preferences
* Make returning to the shows view faster
* Add delete seasons view

Soon, in a Maemo Extras repository near you!

(Oh, and the next time I touch SF’s code it’s very likely that it will be to port it to GNOME, so, stay tuned…)

7 thoughts on “SeriesFinale 0.6.5 released”

  1. Thank you my good sir, this project has really blossomed into something very useful to us couch potatoes and TV addicts alike.

    It is running smooth as butter on first impression, will put i through the runs and report back on any issues.

  2. this is an awesome app and i love it, however i was curious if there was any way to tie this into the native calendar? Like an option to mark your calendar for show episodes you haven’t watched yet? I think this would be an awesome addition!

  3. Hi Jim,

    A few people already asked for that feature and there was someone who told me he was developing it but I haven’t heard from him since a while so I guess I’ll need to do it myself.
    I don’t know when I’ll do it though because there are other things I wanna do before that one.

    Stay tuned, maybe one day we having that.

  4. Thanks for the reply, I eagerly await your work. (In your own time though, no rush). If I had an N900 I’d certainly be using this right now, that’s why I asked about GNOME.

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