SeriesFinale for GNOME

As promised in some of my previous posts about SeriesFinale, I have finally ported it to GNOME.

For the ones who don’t know about this pet project of mine, SeriesFinale is a TV shows browser and tracker application that was originally developed for Maemo Fremantle. While I use it all the time in my N900, I have been asked to port it to GNOME and I also thought it’d be a good thing to have it in my favorite desktop.

The source code for the port can be found in the “gnome” branch of the SeriesFinale project in Gitorious, hopefully I’ll find time to clean the code a bit and prepare Debian and RPM packages. This means that you can try it and install it from source by cloning the git repository, pulling the “gnome” branch and install it “the Python way”:

# python install
(warning for non-Pythonistas: there is no uninstall but you get to see where the files are copied to by running this command)

If you find some bugs, you can file them in the Maemo Bugzilla for now (be sure to specify the platform).
Let’s see if we come up with some sort of synchronization for SF in the future so you don’t have to be marking your episodes twice.
For now, if you want to start with the SF information you had on your N900, just copy the series.db file under “~/.osso/seriesfinale” in Maemo to “~/.seriesfinale” in GNOME.

Here is a screencast to show you how it looks like:

SeriesFinale for GNOME from Joaquim Rocha on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy SF on GNOME!

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  1. SeriesFinale looks really impressive, and seems really useful in isolation, but it seems entirely superfluous for anyone with a DVR.

    Do you know of any credible attempt to make a nicely integrated GNOME DVR program? I’d love to see a DVR with the “Just Works” attitude of GNOME.

  2. Re-reading my comment, I suddenly realized that it doesn’t come across as I intended, so I wanted to follow up. SeriesFinale looks *awesome*, and the fact that a DVR includes similar functionality actually makes me wish GNOME had a DVR program, of which SeriesFinale seems like a useful component. I think SeriesFinale does the job it does better than the equivalent functionality of a DVR, except for not actually integrating with a DVR; thus, I’d rather have the remaining functionality of a DVR with the same quality and polish as SeriesFinale.

  3. There is ‘pip uninstall’ for those that install Python software with ‘pip install’. And if you upload your package to, people can download it with ‘pip install $packagename’.

    On the other hand, it would be much easier to test (and, I suppose, develop), if you could run it directly from the source tree without having to install.

  4. Hi Ceyusa, yes, the reason is that I haven’t cared much about that for this release. Think of this as an early release for GNOME and not as a polished version.
    I’m using the XDG data home to save the images though…

  5. @Joaquim
    is there some place to report bugs and features requests? maybe you could move to github where they offer that kind of tools out-of-the-box (I mean if u r out of the gitorious vs github thing)
    Really great great tool, congratulations!

  6. @diega, like I wrote on the post, you can file them in Maemo’s Bugzilla.
    As for GitHub, I’m happy with Gitorious and it’s also a way of supporting a Free Software tool.

  7. I tried to install your software on Ubuntu 10.10 but I have this issue when I lanch the sreifinal commad in my shell :
    ImportError: No module named osso

    How I can fix it ?
    Best regards.

  8. Hi pti-seb,

    I believe you are on the master branch, you need to switch to the branch “gnome”, something like this:

    git checkout –track -b gnome origin/gnome

    Can you check if this works for you?

  9. Hi.
    I installed it on Arch Linux, but I get this error:

    [vladi@archlinux ~]$ seriesfinale
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/seriesfinale”, line 38, in
    main_window = MainWindow()
    File “/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/SeriesFinale/”, line 64, in __init__
    glib.GError: Nu s-a putut deschide fișierul „/usr/lib/python2.7/data/main.ui”: No such file or directory

    Can you help me please?
    Thank you

  10. It work now for me after removing the package python-hildon. But now, when I launch the Software, iI can’t add more series. I try to write “Dexter” in the search engine, but nothing happening.

  11. @Vladi, how did you install it? Can you check if you have the main.ui file under /usr/share/seriesfinale/ ?

    @pti-seb, yes, you cannot have python-hildon installed. No idea why it does not add the shows but note that sometimes is down. Could it be the case?

  12. Soooo glad to see this brilliant app ported to gnome. I have tested it and I love that it is both fast and lean. I do have one request- could you add a field alongside watched/unwatched that is called something along the lines of Owned or Acquired? I ask only because I love seeing which shows I need to get in order to watch, and which are already available in my queue.

    Thanks for the hard work- it is much appreciated.

  13. After the final step, I get the main.ui error when trying to run it from /usr/bin/seriesfinale. However, if I run it from the seriesfinale dir in my home dir then it launches.

    I also get another error after ‘$ sudo python install’:

    error: can’t copy ‘data/seriesfinale.desktop’: doesn’t exist or not a regular file

    Thanks for your help, great program.

  14. Hi Jon,

    Can you try installing it with “make install”, there is an ad-hoc Makefile that should work.

    I’ll look into these problems in the future.

  15. Thanks for your help Joaquim, your make install instructions worked after I installed intltool. I’ve been using the program already, and finding it very useful.

  16. I just threw together a .deb with checkinstall, Im running debian squeeze and the dependencies are only related to my system, so something might be missing on yours. It should also work on x86 since its python, so you might need to force the architecture.

    Hopefully its helpful 🙂

    Check it out at:

    sudo dpkg -i seriesfinale_20110106-1_amd64.deb
    sudo aptitude upgrade

  17. Thanks ecksun.

    We’re planning on having a branch with a working debian folder to easily build a package from but meanwhile maybe people can use yours.


  18. Hi!

    Any chance we have Series Finale on Symbian ^3 (Nokia N8)?

    I loved this program and I was using on N900, but I lost it since I´ve changed my phone to N8.

  19. Hi,

    I haven’t thought about a version for Symbian, gotta check what technologies it supports these days and see if there’s a chance it could run SF.

  20. two things:
    1. for the pkg to compile successfully for me from git, line 30 in had to be renamed (‘share/applications’, [‘data/’], otherwise compilation exited with “data/seriesfinale.desktop not found”.

    2. Seriesfinale runs, but is unable to update or add series. There is no error message other than “root:mismatched tag: line 31, column 2” in the terminal.

    Also, would like the main window to remember the size on next run, and a way to sort the show list like on Maemo.

    Running Arch Linux, if that helps.

    P.S. Let me know what the dependencies are for you, maybe that’ll help me.

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