OCRFeeder 0.7.3 released

I’ve just released OCRFeeder 0.7.3.

This first version of 2011 doesn’t introduce as many features as the previous ones but fixes a few issues and introduces user documentation (F1 help).

I’ve also made a change that is against my principles: the use of autotools.
Having things like distutils, which I was using in OCRFeeder, I always preferred to avoid using autotools in my Python projects but that also meant I’d have to be extra careful where it would install things to be consistent with other GNOME apps. This release’s main feature is the introduction of user documentation, so, it seemed like the right time to replace distutils with autotools.
But let’s see how long it lasts, things like BuildDj seem very interesting and the way to go once it is developed…

Thanks to the people who have filed bugs and sent me comments about OCRFeeder.

Source tarball

10 thoughts on “OCRFeeder 0.7.3 released”

  1. I found and tested OCRFeeder today with the old version of ubuntu’s repositories. Nevertheless the recognition was so great, that it was even better than google’s text recognition.

    I just wanted to thank you for your efforts with OCRFeeder. This program is a figurehead for the whole linux world.

  2. Hey TheGhost,

    Thank you very much for the kind words about OCRFeeder.

    The packages for the latest version are likely to be in Ubuntu’s repository soon.


  3. Joaquim,

    I just installed OCRFeeder 0.7.3. Great work on a fantastic piece of software.

    A few notes on the installation process. python-enchant and python-imaging-sane are required, but aren’t listed as dependencies. Would most people already have them installed? Also, `make install` (actually, I used checkinstall) will fail unless you are installing over an old version of OCRFeeder, because it fails to create sub-directories of directories which don’t exist unless you had a previous release installed – for example mkdir fails to create the ‘feeder’ directory in /usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/ocrfeeder, because there is no ocrfeeder folder in dist-packages.

    Thanks again for the work you’ve done on OCRFeeder.

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