SeriesFinale version 0.6.6 released

Since last night, SeriesFinale version 0.6.6 should be available for those who have the extras-devel catalog.

This version’s highlights are:

* Live search of shows. Finally it includes a way to quickly filter shows, this is especially useful for those who have a large number of shows in the list.

* Quick access to the next/previous episodes. This was another request from a user, when viewing an episode, add a way to quickly go to the previous or next episode. I have added this by panning/dragging horizontally in the episode view, dragging left or right will bring the next or the previous episode, respectively.

* Switched episodes’ “watched” check-boxes to the right. After adding the portrait mode, it was clear that having the episodes’ check-boxes on the right made more sense for right-handed people. This is now the default position, nevertheless, a new option was included in the settings dialog so users can choose to either have on the right or left.

* Last but not least, Juan has made SF more reliable and fast by saving the database and settings only if they have been changed.

We will keep the list of bugs and feature requests in mind for the SF development (for both Maemo and GNOME) so, you are welcome to submit more.

If you use the extras-testing catalog, be sure to try this new version of SF and vote for it when it appears here.

12 thoughts on “SeriesFinale version 0.6.6 released”

  1. Great update, thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ For the live search bar (see first screenshot), you probably want to use a toolbar button instead of the button you are using right now to blend in with the built-in live search toolbar (i.e. the “X” doesn’t have a button background, it looks “flat”).

  2. I can’t find out how to download the source archive for the Gnome version of SeriesFinale.

    The page at Igalia only links to the Gitorious repository.

    Did I miss something? :-/

  3. @Joachim: Oh, so there are no released archives?

    That’s not very convenient for distro packagers, but thanks, I’ll try with that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What a great application.
    Now I always know when the next episodes of my favorite shows comes out!

    I have a suggestion that would make the app even better.
    A feature that you could add the upcoming episodes to the built in calendar (N900).

    Thank you!

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