SeriesFinale version 0.6.7

In the last release of SeriesFinale some nice new features were introduced like live search of TV shows but there was a problem: I messed it up. Basically, you could live search but once you pressed on a show, a different would be selected… good job, I know… 🙂

Anyway, the live search is fixed in this new version.

It also has some new cool changes by Juan:
* Covers are now kept back when the application is upgraded
* The database is now saved automatically every 5 minutes
* To prevent database corruption, the database is saved in a temporary file and if everything when well it is then moved to the right file name
* It now checks if other instances of SF are running and hangs newer instances until the old ones are finished
* Buttons whose actions depend on the connection are now only visible when the device is online

Since last version, it is possible to navigate to the next and previous episodes when viewing an episode details but one thing that was a real pain was to have to go back to the full list of episodes in order to mark them as watched so I’ve added a menu that lets users check the episode as watched.

The episodes’ titles are now also stroked when they are watched:

If you use the extras-testing repository, be sure to give it a try and vote to promote it.

10 thoughts on “SeriesFinale version 0.6.7”

  1. Hi,
    After installing 0.6.7-1, I get the following when starting:
    ~ $ seriesfinale
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/seriesfinale”, line 30, in
    from SeriesFinale.gui import MainWindow
    File “/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/SeriesFinale/”, line 35, in
    from lib.connectionmanager import ConnectionManager
    File “/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/SeriesFinale/lib/”, line 23, in
    import conic
    ImportError: No module named conic
    ~ $

  2. After updating to 0.6.7-1, all images have disappeared and update is not bringing them back. The thumbs folder (/home/user/.local/share/seriesfinale is empty, even after updating).

    Reverted to 0.6.5-1, but still can’t get any images. Permission issue? API issue?

  3. Thanks for the app as this has been the most used app on my end aside the rss for news and weather.

    I am currently having an issue where SF does not load the show thumbnails. I installed this version as an update to the last and have about 13 shows on my list. The two states the thumbnails go into are the film strip indicating no thumbs loaded and the down arrow indicating thumbs are being downloaded … but no thumbs get loaded after 3 hours. I did a restart of both the app and the phone, and also I have ensured my connection is live. Any ideas?

  4. Hi Joaquim,

    Could you package SF for debian systems (create a deb file)? I really want to try it, but i dont know to install it. Thank you

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