LinuxTag 2011 and OCRFeeder 0.7.5

Last week, after a delayed flight that shortened my trip in one day I finally arrived in the fascinating city of Berlin to attend LinuxTag.
This was my first time in this event and I really liked it. The event’s program was very interesting, too bad my German isn’t still good enough to be able to fully understand the presentations in German (which was about half of the program or more). There were also booths with interesting stuff going on, from companies to the most well known Open Source projects and also some alternative things like a lockpicking hands-on.

It was a great place to talk to people and get more aware of what’s going on in Germany, and a lot seems to be going on.

On Wednesday afternoon, I presented OCRFeeder and couldn’t be happier after all the feedback I got in the questions session and afterwards. Probably a couple of bugs that were filed after the event have to do with that 🙂

You can find the slides here.

(me, presenting OCRFeeder at LinuxTag 2011)

OCRFeeder’s new release

Yesterday I finally finished the latest OCRFeeder version, 0.7.5.

Here are the highlights:

* It is possible to edit the content boxes’ bounds by dragging their edges or corners;
* When selecting a content box using the menu or keyboard shortcuts it will automatically focus their text area. This was suggested by Joanmarie for improving the usability of visually impaired users.
* Added the missing dependency of the “sane” module
* Changed some mnemonics in the menu to avoid clashes (thanks to Łukasz Jernaś)
* Prevent problems when adding image paths that do not exist (from the command line)
* Reset the OCR engine when it doesn’t exist. This bug happened when the settings pointed to an engine that no longer exists (if you passed the conf folder to another machine without the engines, for example) and would prevent the automatic recognition from doing the OCR step.

For other news, like the always amazing translation work, check out the NEWS file.

Source tarball

5 thoughts on “LinuxTag 2011 and OCRFeeder 0.7.5”

  1. Yehea – that thing was painfully missing in the free software/Linux landscape for too long! (Well – there’s already been stuff like YAGF – dunno if that really counts…) This seems a really promising solution to a big need of mine and some people around me – very appreciated! So thank you very much for the software – and thanks for the talk that got me hooked, for the t-shirt 😉 and for sharing the slides. – I try to give at least something back as BugReportFeeder ™, Wikipedia editor, podcaster, user trainer, …

  2. I’m afraid theres no simple way to to install that great app on Fedora, wish it were in the Repos, or simly RPM packed (I found one somewhere in the internet, but there where some dependencies missing…) By the way, integrated spellchecking (with different possible backends) would be really nice…

    One question: Wich are the possible formats to import?

  3. Yeah, that was the one I found, but that didn’t work because of some dependencies…

    But the spellchecking and format thing sounds really nice! 😀

    Thanks for replying!

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