SeriesFinale for Harmattan (N9/N950)

As promised before, here is the first release of SeriesFinale for MeeGo Harmattan.

This summer Micke Prag, a fellow programmer from Sweden contacted me because he was starting a port of SF for Harmattan. By then I still didn’t have an N950 because of having missed the deadline for the first developers program. Later, when the second developers program was launched I managed to finally get one. At that point, even though I already had my Samsung Galaxy S (yes, with Android) I still wanted to have a port of SeriesFinale as I had received many emails asking for this port so I started from Micke’s code and finally here it is!

The Harmattan port

SF first version for MeeGo

Maybe it is something obvious but this version is not written in PyGTK/PyMaemo. It uses part of the “old” Python backend that was changed to play well with the new UI code written inΒ QML.

This port’s code is a bit dirty by now and I’m sure there are bugs in this first version but at least it can be used and I didn’t want to make people wait much more. The support and feedback that SeriesFinale’s users have given me is amazing (some people even saying they still use the N900 only for SF!), thank you all for it.
My heart is still filled with GNOME/GTK+ love but QML is really impressive; there are some things I still need to spend some time with to figure out but I like how quick and flexible one can do stuff in QML.

The OVI Store

It was also the first time I published something on Nokia’s Ovi Store and the process took around 2 weeks before it finally got approved (it was rejected twice before due to weird stuff like “they” thinking was not a good place to report issues or the fact that an application that says it works only with English US is eligible only for the USA, not for all the countries…).

The future

I really like the N9/N950. The user experience is something awesome and I believe this was the phone that could really compete with the iPhone and Android. Unfortunately someone at Nokia disagrees and the future of this incredible phone is doomed even though Nokia’s alternative is not better. Due to this mainly, I’m not using the N950 as my main phone. This and the fact that my personal time, in which I develop SF, is very limited, means that unless things change, I don’t know how much more releases I will do but I still wanted to add some cool features. It will probably depend again on the feedback and support.

Anyway here it is at an Ovi Store a few taps/swipes away and for free, as always (although I appreciate when someone buys me a beer πŸ™‚ ):

Get SeriesFinale from Ovi Store

25 thoughts on “SeriesFinale for Harmattan (N9/N950)”

  1. Hi Joaquim, you can’t imagine how you made my day releasing your App this morning! I don’t care if there are bugs, I was missing it so much on my N9…

    The UI is so nice, well done ! Nice features too πŸ™‚

    Is there a way to tranfert the data from the N900 to N9? Even if it is only copying and pasting the data from a N900 folder to a N9 one? I am kind of lazy to search for all my show again.

    About the bugs or improvements, where do you want us to maje our feedback in the end?

  2. Very nice, I hadn’t even thought I could use an application like this to track watched episodes. Thanks!

  3. @Antti : Before using it, I was tracking them an excel document before on my computer πŸ™ SeriesFinale, how simplicity comes to your superphone πŸ˜‰

    @Joaquim : Thanks for the link and tip for the transfer. I will try this tonight when I get my hands on my N900.

    Btw, one feature I would love to see in SeriesFinal oneday is notifications in the event feed, like the app DateEvent App for calendar events! It would be just awesome!

  4. Hi Joaquim,

    you made my day πŸ™‚ Thanks! Nice to finally see SF on the N9. Good UI, but the scrolling needs some “love” πŸ™‚ – at least with more than 10 shows added. The scrolling on the episode lists is fine, so I guess it’s bc of the images? I used the series.db from my N900 and the transfer went smoothly..

    Hmmm… for submitting bugs one has to open an developer account at nokia.

  5. I can double check the location of the series.db file but I don’t have my N950 with me right now. Maybe CuteExplorer is not showing hidden folders/files to you?

  6. I can use the console if necessary. I just don’t know what I have to type in the terminal to copy the .db into a not hidden folder that I can see on my computeur

  7. Hey Allan,

    I’ve just confirmed, the series.db is in the /home/user/.osso/seriesfinale/ on the N900. It should be copied to .config/seriesfinale/ on the N950.

    On the N900, you can copy it to MyDocs (so it’s visible in the File Manager) by doing the following on the Terminal:
    cp ~/.osso/seriesfinale/series.db ~/MyDocs

    Then for example mail it to yourself and from the N950, copy it to ~/.config/seriesfinale/ , if you need to do the latter with the Terminal as well, from the place where you downloaded it:
    cp series.db ~/.config/seriesfinale/

    It might be easier than this but just in case, hope it helps.

  8. Thanks for the N9 version, very useful app. I hope there will be an update soon to fix a few minor issues such as series number sorting and search not working very well after having already added something.

  9. Joaquim you should do a version for Symbian Belle. We have no app like this. I love tv series. Please.

  10. I love Seriesfinale, it’s the best app in my n900, but with this week news from nokia about nokia 808, makes me wonder about buying a symbian phone when comes out and i’m thinking if its possible to have seriesfinale to symbian…? Symbian have QT and QML, i guess…

  11. Hey Joaquim! Thanks so much for answering so fast. I’ve been using this since it came out, can’t live without it, lol. But i was refering (on my previous post) to SeriesFinale 0.6.8 that hasn’t been updated in months πŸ™
    I tried posting on both TMO and MeeGO ( but to no avail.
    The listing order is now working either by Alphabet or Date which becomes a bother when you have a long list, lol.
    And Im not sure if you can fix this or not (would be a plus) but it seems like there’s a lot of lag compared to the Maemo version

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