New SeriesFinale Harmattan and Fremantle releases

That’s right, a couple of weeks ago new versions of SeriesFinale were released.
There was a long absence between these and the previous releases. The truth is that it has become more and more difficult for me to find the motivation (and time) to do work on an application for platforms I am not currently using. Still, I have had some emails from people showing their appreciation and Juan has also helped a lot (he is the reason there is also a new N900 release).

If you’re following the development of SeriesFinale, I have recently moved the repository over to GitHub (like I did for most of my projects). GitHub is so much faster than Gitorious and has nice features such as an issue tracker. Before you say it, although GitHub is not Open Source software, we’re talking about a hosted solution for Git repositories from a very cool company and I had no intentions of hosting Gitorious on my own anyway.

So what’s new in SeriesFinale? I need to differentiate between the platforms’ versions first.
Harmattan (N9) is on the 0.6.9 version and many bugs were solved like:
* Marking all episodes from the episodes’ list menu (nd#1)
* Episodes’ overview height (nd#9)
* Updating the shows season list
* Add a close button to show info dialog
* Add mark none action to the episodes’ list menu

There are still some issues when scrolling the lists which I’ve looked into and could not find any solution, I am convinced it actually has to do with the Python bindings of QML…

Fremantle (N900) is on version 0.6.10 and has less visible changes but the threads, languages and sorting functions were improved.

Adding the the new Harmattan version to the Nokia Store was also a challenge (it kept being rejected due to tiny details) but it eventually went through.

Be sure to test and vote for SF on Fremantle, or, in case you have an N9, get the new version from the Nokia Store:

Get SeriesFinale from Ovi Store

16 thoughts on “New SeriesFinale Harmattan and Fremantle releases”

  1. Thanks for the new releases. This application was one of the reasons I bought an N900, and now I have an N9 too. I see what you mean about the scrolling issue, it’s sometimes not very smooth at all (in previous release).

  2. a new release is always appreciated… but for me the sorting on the N9 still isn’t working at all – neither by name nor by ep. date.

  3. Thanks for the updated release, it’s a very useful app. Shame the scrolling glitches are proving difficult to fix, is there any chance a future firmware update (pr1.3) might help?

  4. Perhaps a new update of the bindings (if there’ll be one) might fix it. How many shows do you have in the list? (the scroll doesn’t go that bad for me, I think)

  5. I am most often seeing issues in the season list where the first time you go into a season list and scroll some of the seasons turn into blank spaces, or sometimes you can’t scroll down far enough. The issues can occurs with the episodes list also but I seem to get it more often in seasons. If you go back and then select the show again it normally works fine, although it will glitch again if you scroll around too much. It seems to be possible for glitches to occur on any amount of seasons as long as it is enough to require scrolling, but the shows I am looking at most often usually have 8-13 seasons and 20-24 episodes per season.

  6. Too bad about the bindings restriction a I’m having the same probles as “fr” above. But anyways thanks for the new version!

  7. used the issue tracker on github. If one have to keep track of more than 30 shows graphic glitch is not a serious issue – wrong sorting is 🙂

    For the glitches: if you start seriesfinale in the terminal you’ll have some debug messages. You can reproduce the “missing seasons” errors: Open a show with many seasons, swipe (love this verb :-)) seriesfinale in the background, get it back on top and violà all seasons not shown in the window before are gone in the wind.

  8. Hi, I reflashed my n900 and reinstalled the seriesfinale, but I keep getting this error:
    “ImportError: No module named osso”

    how can I fix it?

  9. So, i had to install python-osso via apt-get and it’s running normal now.
    Maybe it is a dependency not listed, or the applications catalog got lost.

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