About the GNOME 3 Application Development book

Yesterday I read Danielle’s review of GNOME 3 Application Development: Beginner’s Guide and I would like to write some comments about it because my name figures in there.

I was involved in the book as a technical reviewer and I reviewed a total of 5 chapters. This was the first time I did so for a printed book.
After reviewing those chapters, I asked my contact at the Packt Publishing to give me a final draft before publishing it and associating my name to it because I really wanted some of the issues I pointed out to be addressed.
After a while, to my surprise, I received an email from that contact announcing that the book had been published and thanking me for my contribution. Turns out they didn’t respect my request and included my name directly! After I asked that contact about our “arrangement”, he apologized for that and said it was his fault…

I am still waiting for my printed copy and I was hoping that some of the issues I had told them were corrected but after reading Danielle’s review it is pretty clear to me that they weren’t. That’s surprising to me because I made it clear that some issues were very important things and I assumed it’d be the editor/publisher’s work to take care of that.

Writing and producing a book is a difficult thing and in no way I intend to bash the author or the publisher (I haven’t even looked at the final version yet) with this post but I wanted to clarify how I my name is associated to it.

Hopefully next time Packt will take into consideration what their technical reviewers say and not just use their name for the book.

4 thoughts on “About the GNOME 3 Application Development book”

  1. i want learn gnome 3 application development. what is your suggestion (book,tutorial, …)?

  2. Hi gnomeLover,

    Sorry for the late reply. It’s indeed true that there should be better documentation and other resources for beginners which is why having a good book would have been something very nice. Even though the mentioned GNOME book has its problems perhaps it can be introductory for some people, you can take a peek at some of the book’s contents at Google Books and decide for yourself if you should buy it. Besides that, if you want a tutorial with an easy-to-use programming language like Python, take a look the following link:

    I found also a Newcomers Tutorial on GNOME Live that might be interesting for you:

    Best regards,

  3. Really disappointed after reading your post.So this book is not well written despite the only content about Gnome app development found on Google? Well,I’m a long-time gnome user so that sometimes I want to write some codes in Gtk for hobby and learning. However the learning resources are super lacking and it seems that I have to get through some troubles by trials and errors since negative reviews are made by experienced coders to the only book related to this issue. I hope gnome guys will pay more attention to it’s docs,something like top panel menu,shell’s notifications,which I can’t find any docs mentioned how to impliment them or use them.

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