Red Hat’s New Hire Orientation

A quick post to say that two weeks ago I went to Red Hat‘s New Hire Orientation in Munich. This is an event for (guess what) new hires in order to show how the company operates, etc. with great focus on how Open things are.

Being a remote worker, it was also very nice to meet other employees, not only engineers but also sales and other roles. Jan Wildeboar gave a great presentation summarizing the Free Software history and explaining how committed to it the company is. With a bit of shame from my side, I was the only one lifting up my hand when he asked who knew the words of the Free Software song… of course later, during the awesome Bavarian dinner (with awesome Bavarian beer) we had, the sale folks forced me to sing it (luckily I could only remember the first part).
With my Red Hat fedora

The next day we all got our fedoras and I thought “so this is how they get their hats…” πŸ™‚

Some people have been asking me what I am actually doing so, currently I am working in Wacom support in GNOME. You will see some of my patches on the GNOME Control Center and the Settings Daemon as well as in libwacom.

I will try to keep you posted on the big changes.

6 thoughts on “Red Hat’s New Hire Orientation”

  1. Why is the wacom thingy in every gnome configuration dialogue? Shouldn’t it only pop up on those boxes that have a wacom connected?

    Have fun! (:

  2. Nice fedora! I have to ask if they are looking for more people ;-), maybe I could get a red hat as well πŸ™‚

  3. @maks: I understand your comment, however that’s a design decision I haven’t been part of and I can only ask one of the GNOME designers to share his thoughts on that decision.

    @PrzemoF: Sure! Check out the jobs section of RH’s website and I’m sure you can contact one of us directly if you have questions.


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