Upcoming Wacom Features in GNOME

I had previously mentioned that, as part of my job at Red Hat, I was taking care of the Wacom tablets support in GNOME.
To show you a bit of this, straight from the nice Atopia Kaffeehaus in Prenzlauer berg, Berlin, I have cooked a little video with some of the upcoming features:

These are not, of course, the only new features but I had to pick the ones that are actually usable right now.

The tablets shown in the video are a Cintiq 12WX and an Intuos 5 M touch.

I am usually around #control-center on irc.gnome.org so if you got some cool idea for the Wacom tablets in GNOME, drop by and let me know!

3 thoughts on “Upcoming Wacom Features in GNOME”

  1. Hi Dražen,

    Some of the features are upstream already on GNOME Settings Daemon or GNOME Control Center’s Git, other are still being improved.
    About the PPA, these were developed using Fedora 🙂

  2. Hey Joaquim,

    I like your site great to see some development in leapmotion on linux & looking forward to testing out on linux at some stage too.

    I came across this problem when upgrading to Centos 6.4 running Gnome.

    I had no luck finding someone to talk on the IRC channel. I was wondering if you or anybody had similar problems.

    I have an Intous 4 Wacom. I had this working well with Centos 6.2 using gnome as my desktop environment. I then upgraded to Centos 6.4 and now the pressure sensitivity doesnt work.
    On the same system I ran using the KDE environment and the pressure sensitivty was fine.

    As I would prefer to stick with GNOME I was wondering if you came across this also any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    One thing I have noticed that the xsetwacom PressCurve parameter changed to PressureCurve.


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