Talk about best practices in Git

Today I gave a talk about best practices in Git at CERN‘s IT Technical Forum.

I am a big fan of Git and, since I started using it, I learned a few tricks and ways to get a more “healthy” repository, so I wanted to share this with users that are already using Git but still have doubts about the best way to do certain things.

Here is the presentation’s slides:

This is the kind of presentation where one might disagree about some of the recommended measures but hopefully there’s a subset of those that will help make things better for teams.

Practice your git-fu!

3 thoughts on “Talk about best practices in Git”

  1. I found some interesting Tricks… unfortunately my repos are mostly singleuser because work uses svn.

    anyway thanks for sharing

  2. thank you very much – having finally made the decision that i needed a control system, and having been operating on only a “gittutorial” level of understanding, i am already a great deal wiser, and i’m only about halfway through, so far.

  3. This presentation is awsesome, so very organized and neat in its presentation, definitely recommending it for newcomers to understand what they are doing with git! Thank you!!

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