End of aLANtejo!

*Finally* Open Delta aLANtejo 07 finished!

It was a lot of work for me and my friends and few ours of sleep, I know I’ll regret this when I’m 70 years old…. scientist say that the ones who sleep more live more years. But the fact is that if those sleepy people are asleep, they are not “actively living” so, I guess I’ve lived more than I could in this week.

And the better thing about aLANtejo is that I get to know such great people like (in an alphabetical order so no one feels like second place) :
Daniel Liszka, Daniel Lopez, Erica Brescia, Flávio Glock, Isaac Clerencia, Juan Sánchez, Jono Bacon.
They all are really nice people and it was a pleasure to meet them and to show them a little bit of the city of Évora. Even the weather collaborated this year and instead of rain we had sunshine everyday! It was like a UNO meeting, we got people from the USA, Spain, Poland, Spain, Brazil and me from sunny Portugal.

I hope they all got safe and happy back to their homes and I thank them all and the event participants for their presence in aLANtejo!

BluePad v0.2 Out Now!!

BluePad remote controller version 0.2 was released yesterday.

Many things were improved but the main ones are that now it supports smaller screen devices and is translated in:
English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Greek
Feel free to contact me if you wanna translate it to another language!

Also me and my friend Valério gave a presentation yesterday about BluePad in the 1st Lisbon Free Software Forum. You can get the presentation here (in Portuguese).

BluePad’s presentation

Me and my friend Valério are giving a presentation about BluePad in the 1st Free Software Forum of Lisbon, city where the event is taking place on October 12th and 13th – just one week before Open Delta aLANtejo 07.

We’ll talk about how it was imagined and designed, what it’s capable of doing and the future plans for it.