(Hopefully) Going to FOSDEM 2012

Most of you might have heard about the sudden “death” of the airline Spanair. I had never known of an airline stopping its planes on the same day it announces it’s rupture.
Several colleagues of mine in Igalia were affected by the events and guess with whom some of us (mostly Igalians based at Coruña) were flying to Brussels? That’s right…
Fortunately yesterday we bought new flights and decided to try to get the reimbursement for the cancelled ones later.

This means that thanks to Igalia:

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

I had two presentations in each of the last two editions of FOSDEM but I didn’t really have something new to show in this year’s so I’m attending only as a participant which doesn’t make it less exciting for me.

I have already some arrangements planned, as in having a beer with some folks, and you’re invited too if you wanna talk about Igalia or the projects I’m involved in.

See you in Brussels.

FOSDEM 2011 and GNOME Foundation

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

That’s right, once again I could count on Igalia‘s kind support to be able to go to this great conference one more year.
Just like last year, I’m giving two presentations:
* Making the printed world accessible: A11y in OCRFeeder, in the Accessibility DevRoom on Saturday at 11:00;
* Grilo: Integration of Multimedia Contents in Applications Made Easy, in the CrossDesktop DevRoom on Sunday at 13:45.

This will be my fourth time attending FOSDEM and every year I love it more. In what other conference can you attend presentations about: GNOME, MeeGo, Django, Accessibility and much, much more. And let’s not forget about the Friday Beer Event, that allow us hackers to socialize while sipping on the finest beers on earth. And of course, to some of you, I don’t need to tell again how much I like Brussels, and Belgium in general.

By the way, this year there is a new, more Maemo-ish, FOSDEM Maemo app called Sojourner which will help you schedule the talks you wanna attend, so, be sure to install it in your N900. (I’ve contributed with a couple of patches last Friday, which are pending integration 😉 )

Other news from my part is that since last week I am a member of GNOME Foundation. It’s been a year since I started developing OCRFeeder under GNOME’s infrastructure and I finally decided to apply for membership. The process was really easy and I thank the folks involved. It’s good to be around such good hackers.

Hope to see you all FOSDEM next weekend!

FOSDEM follow-up

FOSDEM was really nice this year. Still too many interesting presentations to attend than our physical condition allows but that’s life.

Like I announced on my last post, I gave two presentations there and I am glad with both of them. People seemed really interested in OCRFeeder and I hope they try it out, send me feedback and spread the word about it.
I could personally meet P. Christeas, who had send me a patch for it, and listen to the questions and suggestions of people about how OCRFeeder works.

I must say the most impressive presentation I attended was by  Professor Andrew Tanenbaum himself, about MINIX 3, what a beautiful piece of software it seems.
If you have not attended it, maybe you can watch the video recording once it is available.
Later on I had a nice chat with him regarding web browsers on MINIX and the real portability of applications that are said to be multi-platform.

Here are the slides for the presentations I gave:

Looking forward for FOSDEM 2011!

Going to FOSDEM!

I'm going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

… and also, this year I giving two presentations there.

I’m presenting OCRFeeder in the GNOME DevRoom and SeriesFinale in the Embedded/Mobile DevRoom!

I just love FOSDEM, the spirit of it, the number of important Open Source projects in there and the city of Brussels!

If you wanna have a chat about OCRFeeder, SeriesFinale, Hildon Input Methods, Rancho (for Django folks), Igalia or other important Open Source projects, while drinking a nice Belgian beer, let me know!

Back from FOSDEM

Last Monday I finally arrived at A Coruña coming from the always great FOSDEM!

Those were 3 intense days where I had the chance to taste some of the finest beers in the world, attend great conferences and meet really nice people.

This year I had the chance to walk in the city and see and feel its magic. I also found the best restaurant I could eat atlast year, this time really in Brussels (last year we went to Gent), I am talking about Amadeus. You DO NOT want to miss this great place if you go to Brussels, Gent or Antwerp. The thing with this restaurant is: you eat a giant piece of ribs with a tasteful sauce that you like so much you feel it should be forbidden and… if your belly can afford to have it, ask for another round already included in the price. And the price, ridiculous, only about 15 €! I paid ~18 € if you with the drink.

This was also a good opportunity to meet Igalians I only knew from Igalia planet and talk more with those I knew before. I was great to share good times with you guys! Apart from my colleagues, I could also meet open source ninjas like Lucas Rocha from EOG.

Hope we can repeat the thrill next year folks!