Easily install OCRFeeder

I’ve just created and pushed a setup.py script to let you easily install OCRFeeder.

Setuptools are really a great tool and although it was the first time I used them, it was so straightforward!
Now, to install OCRFeeder all you have to do is to download it:

$ sudo python setup.py install


I’ll try to have it on PyPI soon as well so it gets even easier for everyone to use my OCR project.
Stay tuned!

OCRFeeder’s first tarball release

Hi folks,

I’m happy to announce the first OCRFeeder‘s tarball release.
Because not all of you are programmers and a packaged release makes more sense to you, today I did it.

I wanted to have done this longer ago but there was some bugs (simple but annoying ones)  that I wanted to have fixed before a tarball release.

This first tarball represents the version 0.1-beta. Although named like that, don’t fear and go try it and report bugs/improvements.
Why the beta on top of such a low version number? Because I wanted to make sure that it was “runnable” in most computers out there. This means that I haven’t tried to run OCRFeeder from scratch in other boxes but mine.
So, if you’re gonna give it a try, please be so kind to write down every step until you can run it. Then you can fill in bug reports on the project’s Google Code.

Before I released this tarball I fixed the following two bugs:
* All the temporary pictures are now being removed after they’re no longer needed;
* The “Pages to Export” dialog is no longer being shown if there’s only one image/document loaded;

Today I also created an entry for OCRFeeder in GNOME Live as I think the project is related to our favorite DE.

So go on and enjoy OCR made easy on GNOME!