Going to GUADEC without leaving town

That’s right, this year GUADEC is taking place in the city I moved to more than 3 years ago in order to become an Igalian: A Coruña. It’s fun to see this event happening just 20 minutes walking from my place when in the previous editions I had to catch several planes in order to attend it 🙂

Going to GUADEC

In this year’s GUADEC, I am presenting two projects I have created:

  • OCRFeeder, the most complete OCR Free Software solution;
  • Skeltrack, the first Free Software library to perform human skeleton tracking from depth buffers such as the ones given by the Kinect.

If this sounds interesting, be sure to attend the talks or have a chat about the projects when you see me.

Since I feel pretty much like a local, I can tell you that you must not leave the town without trying “pulpo á feira” (octopus + olive oil + paprika) or, in case you’re not into cephalopods, just go to some traditional Galician bar, have a beer and enjoy the folk music of Celtic origins.

Call for GUADEC BoF and Lightning Talks open until June 18h

The public Call for Participation for Lightning Talks, BoF and Hackfest has been officially opened for the 2012 GNOME Users And Developers European Conference (GUADEC) conference.

You can read the call for participations at Lightning Talks and BoFs CFP and submit your proposal at the submission system.

GUADEC 2012 will be hosted in A Coruña, Spain, from July 26 – August 1st. BoF, Hackfests and other events will be scheduled between July 30th and August 1st.

This call for Participation for GUADEC 2012 will follow these dates:

June 18: Deadline for submission of Lightning Talks and BoF proposals.
June 26: Notification to Lightning Talks contributors.
July 26 – 29: GUADEC 2012 in A Coruña, Spain
July 30 – August 1: hackfests and meetings

The rest of the activities BoFs, Hackfest, etc. will be accepted with a FIFO approach whenever there are available slots and rooms in the conference program.

We would like to remind you that registration for GUADEC is already open and you can reserve your accomodation with the registration system until July 1st.

Follow GUADEC’s developments:
identi.ca/GUADEC and twitter.com/GUADEC.

For general questions please contact the GUADEC team.

Igalia’s booth at the Desktop Summit 2011

You might have heard/seen that there are quite a few Igalians in this year’s Desktop Summit.
What you might have not noticed is that we also have a booth in here. The booth is only set during breaks since we all are attending or giving talks and the reason you might wanna pass by is to try some of the cool things we work on in Igalia or to get some free FOSS stickers (WebKit, Epiphany, MeeGo, Grilo, Orca, …).

You can see some of the stickers in this crappy photo:

Igalia's booth at Desktop Summit 2011