OCRFeeder goes public!

Finally, the first initial commit to a public SVN of my new project — OCRFeeder.

OCRFeeder is an Optical Character Recognition and Document Analysis and Recognition program for GNU/Linux.
It features a complete graphical user interface in GTK but can also be used from the command line for automation purposes.

It is written in Python and was developed as the project for my Master’s Thesis in Computer Science Engineering.

So go on and checkout the project’s source:

  svn checkout http://ocrfeeder.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ ocrfeeder-read-only

Note this is only an SVN release yet so I get some feedback and the traditional first bug reports.
You can also be part of this project as a developer or a translator, just drop me an email.

I hope this is a good step on the evolution of OCR technologies in GNU/Linux system.

Soon I’ll be adding here a list of features you can find as well as a screencast.


Paper prototyping

One of the things I like to do the most is to create graphical user interfaces (and I referring more to desktop programming here than web).
Not just the design but the whole stuff. It is the way you have in programming to transform something complex in an easy and pleasant tool to use.

We all know how to do some scratches in a paper to come up with the looks for a new interface. Some time ago I was told about paper prototyping and it is a nice, fast and easy way for testing an interface for usability.

Here are some images and a book about the subject. This article is also pretty good and you can find a number of videos of people demonstrating how it’s done on YouTube.

Give your shot on paper prototyping!