In A Coruña

It’s been a week since I came to A Coruña.

I had the chance to meet a good part of the Igalia’s crew.
This first week was spent on gathering all the paper and fighting bureaucracy.

I was able to get a tiny but nice flat in a good zone of the city. Of course that I still don’t have internet connection on it, that’s why I’ve been off most of the time. I hope I can get the connection in the next two weeks.

Yesterday I had the chance to walk and visit a good part of the city. It is simply beautiful, quite different from Seville though (which I also love and miss, btw).
Even the people seem different, they seem… more Portuguese to me than the folks back in Seville. But both have their charming way of being.

Igalia · Free Software Engineering


Since last Wednesday I am working for Igalia.

Igalia is a Free Software company located in Galicia, Spain. From Igalia’s website:

“Igalia is a Free Software company which develops solutions whose main characteristics are quality and technological excellence, adding value to its customers and supporting the growth of the Free Sofware Community. “

I first knew Igalia in the aLANtejo 2005 edition where Juan Sánchez participated as a speaker and have been following they’re news and planet ever since.
Now, I am really happy to be part of Igalia and I’m looking forward to move to A Coruña and get to know every Igalian personally!

I’ll be posting more about it in the future.