BluePad v0.5 Released

BluePad v0.5 has just been released.

This new version features a complete redesign of the main menu to support more variate phone screens.
Also, the Title Screen of death that makes you press 5 every time you use BluePad is now gone forever!!

Apart from that, some part of the code was also refactored.

Currently the new version is only available on SVN but we plan on releasing it to SourceForge ASAP.

Here’s how to get the new jar:

$ svn co

This will create a bluepad_mobile folder in your current directory containing BluePad and BluePad_alternative folders.
The jar is inside the bin folder of both of the BluePad mobile versions.

Use the regular BluePad version unless you have a Nokia S60 or another phone that doesn’t like the normal version.
Hope you like the new main menu. The next scheduled changes will make BluePad even better but that’s a secret kept in a scroll deep in a mysterious Portuguese city’s catacombs where everybody can go in but only me and Valério come out alive.

BluePad on

It’s been a while since I uploaded BluePad to GNOME Files and right now (I don’t know about the next 15 minutes though…) we’re on second place of the best rated chart. Oh yeah! We’re ahead of Brasero, Xfce or Geany (which we used to write BluePad actually). We’re not competing, of course, but we’re proud to see our “little app” to stay on that list among such great software as well.

If you use a GNU/Linux distro, a JAVA capable cellphone and haven’t tried BluePad yet, what are you waiting for??

By the way, if you want me, or Valério (or both) to be speakers at a conference, drop us an email, we love to give presentations!

New BluePad website and FOSDEM 2008

So, after all the beautiful girls asking me and Valério when would we release a new version of BluePad and resurrect its website, we decided: Oh well, they’re so cute, let’s do it!
And voila! There’s a new version of BluePad’s website, plus, the new SVN version works on Nokia s60!!! That’s right, now you can use it with all those fancies phones.

Valério is also giving a lightning talk on FOSDEM about BluePad, how cool’s that. I hope next year we’re keynotes 🙂

I am also going to FOSDEM (thanks to my company BitRock, by the way) so feel free to come chat a little if you want and say bad things about my website. I’ll give you a hunch on how I look like: I am the one in glasses…