OCRFeeder 0.7.9 released

Last OCRFeeder‘s release had an important new feature which was the detection of changes in the configuration of OCR engines. However, I was very busy the last couple of months developing other cool stuff for Igalia, so, I ended up not testing this feature thoroughly (and I even warned users about that in my last post).

Fortunately, OCRFeeder has some users and contributors who did test it and warned me about some issues, which should be solved in this release.

Take a look at the short list of changes if you wanna see what’s solved and enjoy OCRFeeder.

Source Tarball

OCRFeeder 0.7.8

That’s right, one more release of OCRFeeder. If you’re wondering why so much time for apparently so little changes, it has to do with some super cool things I’ve been working on at Igalia, but you’ll know about that really soon.

This new release brings a few bug fixes such as:
* Fix recognition after using the Unpaper tool;
* Fix an Unpaper issue due to an nonexistent variable
* Prevent the version of Tesseract OCR engine from appearing in the recognized text

This last issue happened after an update in Tesseract which made it print “Tesseract Open Source OCR Engine v3.02 with Leptonica” to the standard output. Since the default way that the Tesseract engine is configured wasn’t discarding the text printed to the standard output, it would appear as part of the recognized text.

After a bit of discussion in the bug report, the conclusion was that OCRFeeder needed a way to detect the changes in the OCR engines’ configuration. This means this new version includes a way to check the needs for these updating the configuration and will warn the user about it once (on start-up). If it can update the engines’ configuration automatically it will say so and ask for confirmation, otherwise it will ask the user to change it manually and offer a way to open the OCR Engines Manager dialog.
The pictures below show what I just wrote:

OCRFeeder warnings

OCRFeeder warnings

(note that the first time you use this new version and since this feature wasn’t extensively tested, it might warn you even for engines that do not need a change; still, if it happens, it’ll be only once)

To see the entire list of changes and the amazing work of the GNOME i18n team, check out the NEWS file.

Source Tarball

RPM packages of OCRFeeder for Fedora

If you’re one of the people waiting for RPM packages of OCRFeeder for Fedora, rejoice!
Juan, my friend and coworker at Igalia, has cooked an RPM spec and created an OCRFeeder repository for Fedora 15 and 16.

To add this repository to Fedora 16 simply download this file and move it to /etc/yum.repo.list/.
Alternatively you can download the RPMs directly from:
OCRFeeder RPM for Fedora 15
OCRFeeder RPM for Fedora 16

Important: These Fedora packages haven’t been thoroughly tested and there might be tiny issues currently (like the icons not being installed in the right place) and I’m no longer using Fedora myself (I’ve switched to Debian) so please report any issues you might find.