I’ve been having a great time attending some talks here at GCDS.
The problem is the internet which seems to be here to make us recall the old 56k, that’s mainly why I haven’t post anything.

So, today there’s gonna be the GNOME party that Igalia happily sponsors!
Just be in Club Sotavento, Terraza Budweiser Muelle Deportivo by 9:30 PM.
I’m looking forward to meet other GNOME folks.

By the way, if you have any suggestions about EOG for Maemo or OCRFeeder just approach me and let me know!

Going to GUADEC

I mean Gran Canaria Desktop Summit, an event joining GUADEC and aKademy!

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Gran Canaria to attend this great event and I got lots of good expectations since it’s gonna be my first GUADEC.
I hope to attend many conferences and hang out with fellow Igalians and friends.

A lot of important names in our world of Open Source and particularly, Open Desktop will be there so it can only be great!

I’ll give two talks in there. A lightning talk about my OCR project — OCRFeeder — and another one that gives a practical view on the new Hildon (or “The Fremantle Way”).
By the way, I used ReStructured Text to do my presentation (using the rst2odp script) and save time from using Open Office. You should try it too.

So, thanks to my dear girlfriend everything is packed already (I always think my socks time-traveled to Narnia), the camera battery is charged, presentations are finished and I’m ready to go — I don’t mention my laptop because we’re “symbiotically” connected and where I go “he” goes.

Hope to see you there!

Easily install OCRFeeder

I’ve just created and pushed a script to let you easily install OCRFeeder.

Setuptools are really a great tool and although it was the first time I used them, it was so straightforward!
Now, to install OCRFeeder all you have to do is to download it:

$ sudo python install


I’ll try to have it on PyPI soon as well so it gets even easier for everyone to use my OCR project.
Stay tuned!