OCRFeeder version 0.6.1 released

As has become usual every couple of weeks or so, I released a new version of OCRFeeder!

This is version 0.6.1 and the main changes this time are:

* Now you can increase or decrease the zoom using Ctrl+Mouse wheel. This kind of shortcut is well known in many GNOME applications and even I was missing it;
* Warning dialogs are now shown when something went wrong while opening an image;
* Fixed encoding problem when reading non-ASCII characters;
* Fixed error when configuring a new engine;
* Improved Debian package’s files (thanks to Alberto Garcia)
* Fixed zoom issues (sometimes the allowed zoom would not be consistent among tries);

It was a good week on OCRFeeder’s bug tracker, specially thanks to user Hank who reported important problems.

I am really glad about how OCRFeeder is turning out and I expect to make it even better with the help of its users, either by sending suggestions, reporting bugs or simply by using it you will be helping the project.

You can download OCRFeeder 0.6.1 tarball from GNOME FTP or optionally download a Debian package directly.

OCRFeeder 0.6 released and the move to GNOME

I’ve just released OCRFeeder 0.6.

This new version introduces the following changes:

* Hide import pdf and unpaper menus if the respective commands are not available
* Several code improvements
* Removed Studio from the application name
* Removed unneeded engines folder
* Lowered the package name font case
* Updated copyright notice on the about dialog
* Swedish translation (thanks to Daniel Nylander)

Another very important change is that I moved the development of OCRFeeder to the GNOME infrastructure.
This means I’m using GNOME’s git server and will soon use GNOME Bugzilla to track bugs.
I always thought of OCRFeeder as a unique Free Software application (in the way that there isn’t anyone similar to it) and that it would be great to get it more involved with our favorite desktop environment.

I’d like to thank Claudio for supporting me on this move.

You can get the latest source from GNOME FTP.

OCRFeeder version 0.4 released

I’ve just released the version 0.4 of OCRFeeder.

This version introduces, among other changes:

* Debian package generation
* Tesseract’s example configuration file
* Frame around the page view for a better visualization

Special kudos to P. Christeas that did some (good) changes to OCRFeeder that I integrated in this release.

The following new translations are now available:

* French by Philippe Normand
* Galician by Xabier Rodríguez Calvar
* Italian by Andrea Grandi
* Spanish by Andrés Gómez

It’s funny that all but Andrea’s translation were made by Igalians due to the growing multi-cultural nature of Igalia.

Get OCRFeeder’s:
* Debian package
* Source from repository
* Source tarball

I would also like to thank everyone for sending me feedback about the applications, that’s where the motivation I need comes from.

OCRFeeder 0.4

Enjoy the OCR on GNOME!