BluePad at GNOMEFiles

I put a reference on BluePad in in less than a week it has 61 downloads and 5 user votes rating 8.4 in 10!

Even though it is an original project I confess I’d never guess it’d have so much good feedback.  Me and Valério will try to get some time next Tuesday to improve some things on it, specially KDE integration which is buggy.

Stay tunned…

BluePad’s presentation

Me and my friend Valério are giving a presentation about BluePad in the 1st Free Software Forum of Lisbon, city where the event is taking place on October 12th and 13th – just one week before Open Delta aLANtejo 07.

We’ll talk about how it was imagined and designed, what it’s capable of doing and the future plans for it.

BluePad’s fixes

 BluePad logo

BluePad’s web site has now the link to the whole project (PC Python Code + JAVA WTK project) corrected.

It’d be really cool if the people who test it successfully on their cellphones send me or Valério (in BluePad’s web site) the confirmation that it works and the mobile’s model.

We could also use some help on making packages for other distros like RPMs, etc. You’ll get your credits in the web site Credits area 😉

Get BluePad at: