BluePad’s fixes

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BluePad’s web site has now the link to the whole project (PC Python Code + JAVA WTK project) corrected.

It’d be really cool if the people who test it successfully on their cellphones send me or Valério (in BluePad’s web site) the confirmation that it works and the mobile’s model.

We could also use some help on making packages for other distros like RPMs, etc. You’ll get your credits in the web site Credits area 😉

Get BluePad at:

Geany IDE

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When I first started programming, I used KDevelop because I used KDE. Then I realized I didn’t need KDevelop because I didn’t use other functionalities than the editor, so, I switched to Kate which KDevelop uses as editor.  I like the default font-type, the highlights, the commands, everything…

When I moved to GNOME (and now I am addicted to it) I saw Gedit and didn’t like it – I still don’t – so, continued to use Kate in GNOME

Sometime ago I found Geany, a lightweight GTK based IDE for several languages. I think it is simply wonderful! It loads in a second, always light and it supports every language I work with. The language support is not equal for every language, it is more complete for PHP than for Python for example but it’s OK. It has word completion, shows your methods and has other useful functions like replacing a word in every file opened in the editor. It even has the build/run functions!
If your computer is like mine, kinda allergic to Eclipse (it drags it’s ass everytime I do something new in Eclipse), try Geany. It SIMPLY works!

Geany web site:



From last Wednesday I’ve been in a quest to find out a lazy/easy way of producing an ODT document using Python for a project I am working on.
I wanted to use some module, something to make it easy for me… I didn’t find one! I even asked in programming forums and some people told me to use Py-UNO… not quite what I wanted either!

Eventually I gave up and built an ODT myself, based on a blank one I saved with It worked fine but it was looking raw and not optimized since instead of reading the 2,000 page ODF documentation from OASIS I tried to figure it out myself from the xml files of the blank ODT.

So, when I was about to go to bed and dream about my stupid/noob way of generating ODTs I stumbled in a web page that was called, guess what? ODFPY!!!
Believe me, I think I ran through all combinations of the words “python”, “odf”, “odt”, “generate”… in my intense search and I only found the ODFPY page when I was no longer searching for it! Anyway, I put all my work behind my back and got into ODFPY module.

ODFPY is a useful/time sparing module published under GNU LGPL license by OpenDocument Fellowship.

Thanks to the ODFPY folks!