Weekend in Vigo


Like I said on my last post, I gave an Introduction to Django in the Master en Software Libre Caixanova in Vigo last Friday.

I really enjoyed giving the class. Although the students had different technical levels, many of them could keep up with the example project I was doing with them and I believe they enjoyed it. This project was done as a second part of the class, the first part was the presentation you find embedded here were I give an quick overview of Django.

At the end, we couldn’t finish the whole project in time (there was another class after that) but I think it served at least to give them a feeling of how easy it is to do stuff in Django.

I had the impression they were most surprised by “how can one NOT need to touch SQL”. This is just one of the adjvantages of Django, I said.

After the class and as I got to the hotel I was dead (didn’t get much sleep during the week) but satisfied.
At dinner time I went with my girlfriend to a place I could only read as “Tapas & Cañas” on the door. The food was GREAT! The prices were cheap (as most places here in Galicia 😉 ), the beer could be better (San Miguel) but didn’t ruin anything. I had a great night which finished watching the lights reflacting at the sea from the hotel room’s balcony.

On Saturday, on the way back to A Coruña, I passed by Pontevedra and liked it much more than Vigo! The city old part is really pleasant!

I’d like to say thanks to Igalia and Caixanova for having invited me to give this class.

Django Intro

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To Santiago de Compostela in a celebration day

So what-up!?

Today I got up and told my girlfriend we should go take a little car trip. The idea was to go to Lugo but we ended up going to Santiago de Compostela as we were willing to go since a while ago.
The day was rainy but shiny as well, since we woke up pretty late, when we arrived there it was around 4 PM.

The center of the city is really beautiful with it’s main attraction, the cathedral which is the target of the well known pilgrims that journey in the Way of Santiago (or St. James).

I bought a t-shirt with some Celtic art (wich I dig a lot) and the sayings “Arte Celta · Galicia Máxica” — “Celtic Art · Magic Galicia” in Galician. My girlfriend bought a mug with some nice Celtic symbols as well. I know, the souvenirs are pretty cliche but whatever…

So, why the “celebration day” in this post’s title? Today is the 25th of April, a very special holiday since it’s the day when Portugal celebrates the Carnation Revolution which ended Portugal’s dictatorship and brought freedom to the people in 1974.
I am thankful to the people (the directly involved in the revolution and the others who always stood up and against the regime, like my grandfather) that not so long ago made it possible for me and others not to know how is to live in an authoritarian regime.