GPL Violation on Windows

It seems that the software named DVD Photo Slideshow (for Windows) has violation the GNU GPL license by installing some GPL packages and not mentioning any reference to the GPL licence nor the source code…

It shows not only how proprietary/commercial software houses are hypocrite but also that millions of FOSS packages like those “stoled” by this company are mature/reliable and ready for professional use. Eat that, closed source defenders!

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Death Note

Death Note

I just reached the end of an Anime series called Death Note.
With this series I regained the interest in Anime I  used to have in earlier days.

Death Note is a catching series that, at least for me, can compete with, for example Prison Break.
It is about a prodigy boy that finds a mysterious notepad  which turns out to be a Death Note. The Death Note comes from the Shinigami (death god) world and will kill the person whose name is written on it (the writer must have the victim’s face on mind so people with the same name are not killed by mistake).

With a bunch of rules written on it, Death Note gives Raito Yagami the power to be a new justice “god”. At least it is what he’s ambition.

I won’t say more except that this is one of the most impressive stories I watched.

Learn more on Death Note’s wikipedia entry.


A group of companies from Galicia (Spanish region on north of Portugal) formed recently AGASOL – Association of Galician Free Software Companies.

The association now starts with 12 companies that use/develop free software.
Learn more in Javi Vázquez blog (in Galician).

I think this is an idea that many regions in Portugal or other countries could use to promote FOSS.