BluePad remote controller is finally ou.

BluePad turns your cell phone into a remote bluetooth controller with which you can control your computer.

I developed it along with my friend Valério Valério for the Ubiquitous Computing course of Computer Science Engineering degree and now we made it public in . It was written for GNU/Linux (of course…) and for JAVA enabled mobile devices.

Check out BluePad’s web page.

1st Post

Hello and welcome to my new web page.

My old web page was no longer being updated as the CMS I used was not very good so I decided to build up a new web site.
This time it’s based on a wordpress engine and I will try to keep it updated as good as I can.

Also I decided this time to only write in one language, in this case English, because translating takes too much time.

Hope you like it and thanks for the visit!