Eye of GNOME for Maemo

Since a while ago, and during my work at Igalia, I’ve been porting EOG to Maemo using the new and great Fremantle widgets!

The project is still in an *early stage* but I couldn’t wait more to let everyone know about it so today I’ve published the git repository.

The project is being done as a branch of the original EOG. You can get the source by doing:

$ git clone http://git.igalia.com/eog.git
$ git checkout –track -b mobile origin/mobile

And then, you know, inside scratchbox:

$ ./autogen.sh
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install
$ run-standalone.sh eog

Thank you to the people who helped me porting EOG, mainly Claudio and Berto.

And here you have a screencast and some nice screenshots, hope you like it:

EOG for Maemo from Joaquim Rocha on Vimeo.

EOG Normal View        EOG Editing view

EOG Open file view       

9 thoughts on “Eye of GNOME for Maemo”

  1. Wow, eog’s hardly recognisable on Freemantle. 🙂
    Looks really nice.

  2. I reall don’t like the feel of one dialog spawning another. Also they block the entire application?

  3. I didn’t try the Maemo port, I have to admit, but the desktop version of EOG does the following: If you go to full screen mode and display an image that is smaller than the screen size (on the N900: smaller than 800×480), EOG will scale the image so that it always fills the whole screen. (Or as much of the screen as possible, preserving the aspect ratio.)

    I have quite a few small images on my N900; showing them around on this tiny 3.5″ screen isn’t a pleasure because the high DPI value of the N900 makes them appear very small. It would be much better if they’d always appear at a zoom level that makes use of the full screen.

    Nokia refused to implement that (I filed an enhancement request in bugzilla), so I’m looking for alternatives. A working, stable EOG would be a tempting alternative.

    (Oh, and then there’s the TV-out thing… That would be totally new.)

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