SeriesFinale 0.5 AKA Supa-Dupa Edition released

For those who didn’t notice, last week SeriesFinale finally got promoted to Extras which are very good news and now SeriesFinale 0.5 has been just released!

Why is this edition so special? Because it will from now on retrieve images for the shows and its seasons.
This morning I finally took the time to check how to retrieve those and I really like the way SeriesFinale looks like now. Of course, this means that the next shows update you do will start retrieving all the images for your shows and seasons which might take, let’s say, a while. Still, don’t worry because once it gets the images, next time you update, only the general information will be retrieved.

I’ve also fixed the slowness when panning the different content views. Panning should now be much more fluid.

Another good thing in this edition is that the tiny episodes’ checkbox still looks tiny but it’s in fact larger and this means you can much more easily tap on it to mark episodes.

Juan, the maintainer of the Diablo version and a colleague of mine at Igalia, sent patches for including the season number together with the episode number, so it shows like “2×05” which is more useful than just the episode’s number.
He also pointed a bug when adding a show  manually, which got fixed for this release as well.

Here are a couple of screenshots showing what you’ll see soon (I just finished sending the packages to the server) in your favorite mobile phone:

SeriesFinale with shows' art
SeriesFinale with shows' art

SeriesFinale with seasons' art
SeriesFinale with seasons' art

(I didn’t have time to update or integrate any translations in this version but I’m planning to have it done for the next one so I apologize for any inconvenience.)

13 thoughts on “SeriesFinale 0.5 AKA Supa-Dupa Edition released”

  1. yes… great application… now I can handle my addiction way better 🙂 thx.
    Perhaps we can have a supa-dupa with a cherry on top edition with a sorting option? Sorting by release date would keep the series with released but unseen episodes on top of the list.

  2. Hi Thomas,

    That can be actually a good idea although I think just having the color highlight and date in the series’ names seems enough, at least for my use case.
    I’ll think about it.


  3. I uploaded a new release of SF 0.5 for Diablo. Unfortunately, previous release, while working fine in scratchbox, was not so in device, due to stupid value of XDG_DATA_HOME (who in the hell set it to system wide directory even for users that do not have access to it?)

  4. Got a little bug, can’t for some reason remove 30 Rock … and it fails to update … is it repeatable by others?

    Anyway I’ll file a more detailed report when I get some free time. Nothing too drastic, or high priority.

  5. I don’t suppose I’d be able to compile this for desktop Linux would I? I find this solves my constant problem of “What episode was I on?!”

  6. Hi Jon,

    There was someone porting it to GNOME but he didn’t finish doing it (it doesn’t even need compiling because it’s a Python app).

    I’m thinking of porting it soon but of course I focus myself first on getting a good a stable version for the N900.

    Do you think more people would be interested in having this in GNOME?

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